So your Physio has recommended Massage as part of your treatment plan . . .

At Personal Best we have a team of physio's and remedial massage therapists with different skills, experience and interest areas. We recognise each other's strengths and work together to get the best results for our patients.  Sometimes your physio may recommend remedial massage as part of your treatment plan so I thought it may be helpful to explain how that helps you! Often (but not always) your physio treatment involves 2 or 3 stages or phases.  The first phase is usually reducing pain and [...]

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Introducing Emma!

2022 is an exciting year for us at Personal Best with Emma Caccianiga joining our team!  Emma is an experienced Remedial Massage Therapist and is offering appointments on both Tuesdays and Fridays, which means we can offer Remedial Massage to our patients every weekday.  Emma is also filling in for Mary on the front desk on Friday afternoons. As part of our on-the-job training our cheeky "questioner" physio, Natasha, asked Emma to answer some questions - enjoy the read! CAN YOU TELL US A [...]

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Are you doing the “right” exercises for your pain?

One week ago, not long after recovering from a lower back strain, I was catapulted over the handlebars of my mountain bike and hit the ground hard on my left shoulder.  Thankfully,  I was able to dust myself off and continue riding, albeit at a more sensible pace.  After a self-assessment that evening I was confident I had a low-grade sprain of the AC joint of my shoulder (a common mountain biking injury). Four days later, one of my strength workouts for the week [...]

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My journey to becoming a Women’s Heath Physio – by Tash

Slowly, slowly. I watched the mum with the large expectant belly rise from her seat in the waiting room.  She held her breath while stepping from one foot to the next and tentatively waited each time for the sharp jolt she knew would come. I look on with empathy while recalling 11 years ago this was me. Afraid to walk more than a few metre and heavily reliant on a walking stick. My pelvis felt like it would fall apart with each step.  I [...]

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Matching my training to my goals: From Tim

I recently started jiu jitsu in the footsteps of my younger brother. It was a timely pursuit that I participated in right before he got too good and wanted to settle the score after all our sibling disputes in our early childhood  (as competitive siblings with a two year age gap, it wasn’t always brotherly love . . .). Taking up a new sport has provided a few valuable lessons along the way. Despite being a reasonable long distance runner in my formative high [...]

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What hurting my lower back taught me about recovery:

My recovery after a recent low back strain Last month I strained my lower back whilst performing deadlifts, one of the key exercises in my current strength program.  As an experienced physiotherapist of 20 years, I treat patients with low back pain every day and it is one of my interest areas.  Being on the other side of the fence, then, highlighted some key aspects of recovery which are worth reminding you about. Here are four key principles that I believe are corner-stones of [...]

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