How Functional Release Cupping could help you:

You may have seen cupping or had cupping done before but what is functional release cupping? The technique of Functional Release Cupping is based on the Anatomy Trains- connective tissue patterns throughout the body.  It involves the application of cups to the surface of the skin using a vacuum created by suction, in the same manner as traditional cupping, but with the addition of passive or active movement.  Whilst the cups are on, your therapist guides you through movements, stretches or positions to help [...]

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Three Common Causes of Hip Pain

Hip Pain is one of the top five reasons patients come to our practice for help.  Identifying the cause or source of your hip pain is important, because different causes of hip pain are treated differently.  Whilst there are many potential causes of hip pain, our experience over 10 years reveals that 3 of those causes account for 75-80% of all our patients who write "hip" as their problem on their New Patient Registration Form.  In this key article we discuss the three most [...]

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Three Common Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain is the third most common reason patients come to see us in our clinic. You may have heard of the common presenting conditions that are related to the knee which are osteoarthritis, meniscus tears and patellofemoral pain. All of these problems can share some features in terms of which activities, movements or positions trigger pain, but the management of each problem is different and unique to the patient.    In this blog I aim to highlight the key features of each condition - [...]

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What’s Happening at Personal Best this May?

Renovations on the new clinic have been running along smoothly and we now have a moving date - 22nd June! We will be closed over 3 days from Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th June to move everything over and set up the practice, ready to open our doors on Monday 27th June at 8am. We can’t wait to welcome you into our new space and and start offering small group classes in our gym area.  Another bonus of having a gym area is that [...]

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Meet the Team – in a different way!

Rachelle, our remedial massage therapist, took on the task of asking the *hard* questions from the team at Personal Best!  Here are their answers - just for fun! Natasha Russell- Physiotherapist Favourite stretch or exercise? I just love walking, especially with my Nordic poles.  Calms the mind and freshens the body.   There are few things better than a walking holiday. Least favourite stretch or exercise? I really love most kinds of exercise, but my body doesn’t seem to like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) [...]

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Top Tips to help Manage Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy: From Tash

Abdominal pain when pregnant is very common.  The round ligament attaches from the vulva up to the uterus (see our picture below) and commonly gives a shooting pain on either side of the the lower abdomen or pubic area when moving too quickly. The pain felt will be short-lived, and sharp, and is often when quickly turning to the side, standing up or reaching up.  It should only be connected with movement and not persist afterwards.  This ligament becomes lengthened and thickened when pregnant, [...]

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