Making a difference

To how you move and feel with two services to help you get stronger and fitter.

Strength & Conditioning At Personal Best

At Personal Best Physiotherapy we know first-hand how improving your strength can make a difference to how you move and feel.  We offer two services to help you get stronger and fitter:

  1. Tailor-made Exercise Plans: This is ideal for those who enjoy exercising on their own and are self-motivated but need the guidance of someone who knows strength and conditioning.  We can tailor a program to you, which you can then complete independently or supervised in our rehabilitation gym.
  2. Small Group Classes: Our group strength classes have a maximum of 6 people and are designed to safely challenge you in a positive environment with like-minded people!  Limiting our class size means we keep a close eye on your exercise technique and make adjustments as needed.

To make an appointment call our friendly front desk team on 6056 6616.  To register for one of our Small Group Strength Classes call Mary at our front desk here.

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