ATTENTION Back Pain and Sciatica Sufferers

Free Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop Shows How to Reduce Pain, Increase Movement and Get Back to Normal, Naturally

When: To find out further information in regards to this workshop, please Contact Us

Where: Personal Best Physiotherapy, 10 Nilmar Avenue Wodonga

Who is the Workshop For?

The Low Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop is for people suffering with pain who are looking to get back to normal using targeted exercises and hands-on treatment delivered by experienced physiotherapists.


Do you struggle with any of the following Everyday Activities?

  • Driving?
  • Dressing yourself in the morning?
  • Sitting too long at your workstation?
  • Lifting anything heavy?
  • Standing in one spot for too long?
  • Gardening?
  • Playing a favourite sport?

If you do AND you’re looking for help in the form of exercises and tailored hands-on treatment, fill in your details below and save your seat for the Back Pain Workshop.

Come along to the Workshop and learn:

  • Why you cannot rely on your x-ray, ultrasound or MRI alone to guide your treatment
  • Three leading causes of Back Pain we see in our practice, week-in, week-out and what you can do about each one.
  • How an issue in your back can produce tingling, numbness or weakness in your leg
  • The essential role of exercise in the management of Back Pain
  • What successful treatment looks like without needing to rely on medication, injections or surgery
  • A tried and true method to work out if physiotherapy can help with YOUR back problem

Your Presenters

The team at Personal Best Physiotherapy