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From The Blog:

What is Proprioception (and can you improve it)?

Proprioception is a very fancy word, and an equally fancy ability our brain uses every moment of every day without us being aware of it.  It is an ability that is needed to be able to do even the smallest task, but what exactly is proprioception? To put it simply, proprioception is our “Sixth Sense." It is the way our [...]

How my Strength Training and Your Recovery are more similar than you think!

Over the past 9 months I have been regularly training using a barbell and weights, focusing on increasing my strength in a few compound lifts.  For those who aren’t familiar with strength training lingo, compound lifts are those that involve moving several joints at once – they recruit the largest amount of muscle, produce the greatest amount of force and [...]

Have you been told you have Pubic Symphysis Pain?

Pubic Symphysis pain is rather common amongst pregnant women and very painful! The Pubic Symphysis is the joint that connects your 2 large pelvic bones together where they meet at the front of the body.  This joint has strong ligaments around it to hold it steady when you move, but in pregnancy, there is a rush of hormones including relaxin [...]

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